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Having a realistic understanding of how social media marketing works and relates to book publishing is a crucial strategy to consider.

An author that has a robust social media platform appears more credible and attracts audience. With a team that has various experiences at social media marketing, our expertise will surely bring you to the next level where your potential readers are. Let your work travel around the globe within a matter of minutes and experience the difference.

Before sharing your passion to the world, an established online and offline platform are a must. Building your brand is an essential part before publishing and doing the rest. A team of expertise in branding that knows more than just a logo and a color scheme can definitely help you stand against the crowd.


Affordable. Convenient. Don't miss out on the largest resource in the world that can give you and your book a tremendous reach. This strategy is designed to give your book the exposure it needs. Our digital marketing is optimized for finding you and your book easily, in a place where you can almost search anything. The key is, you have to choose smartly.


Traditional publishing still plays a valuable role for many writers. Books are still best paired with this strategy. It's a classic product that doesn't go extinct. And like all classic products, there are still certain things that go along with it perfectly. A successful author is one that uses all tools available and participates in every way possible in creating their own success.


Who's it for

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Published authors looking for an audience.
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Existing authors with a failed or virtually non-existent marketing campaign.
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Authors being sold with outdated marketing strategies that would only work 10 years ago.
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Aspiring authors looking to promote their book prior to date of publish.

Who Are We?

Authorsense offers a complete approach in getting self-published authors fulfill their creative potential. We believe that a strong and credible marketing strategy that involves branding, social media presence, digital and traditional marketing are your ways to success. Each of these strategies are formulated to tailor fit self-published authors. Our team is headed by marketing creatives and consultants with solid background in sales, publishing, copywriting and social media-who fully understands that not all marketing avenues apply to each authors. With our company, you're finally going to get your book out there.

how it works

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One of our social media publicists will call you and explain further how our services work and what comes with it. At this stage the terms and conditions will also be explained to you.

A creative team will be assigned to your campaign under direct supervision by your social media publicist.

Your approval, we will proceed with the execution of your marketing campaign.


What we require from you

Existing bookstore/ distribution channel (if none, we can help set one up for you)
High quality portrait pictures for social media.
Pictures or graphic materials related to book

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